Biological Treatment


Biological treatment is typically needed where reductions in soluble BOD5  or nutrient concentrations are required prior to discharge to a receiving stream or to meet POTW pretreatment limits.  Occasionally, biological treatment can be justified by reduced BOD5 surcharges from a discharge to a POTW.






ETS has experience with several forms of biological treatment including:

  • Anaerobic treatment of high strength wastewater to meet sewer discharge limits or as a pretreatment prior to aerobic treatment
  • Aerobic treatment  to meet sewer discharge limits or to provide direct discharge quality effluent
  • Aerobic or anaerobic digestion of biological treatment biosolids or residuals to stabilize or reduce sludge
  • Anaerobic treatment of high strength wastewater or residuals for energy (biogas) production


With many options to choose from, ETS Biological Treatment Systems are selected specific to each application.  All systems are robustly designed with reliable components for consistent and dependable performance.

For more information, click here for anaerobic treatment options or here for aerobic options.










Biological Treatment



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